Satsang and Soul

You are not in Presence. You are Presence.

The one that doesn’t feel in ‘Presence,’ in ‘total peace’ or in a ‘state of knowing’ is simply a thought or a feeling. This thought or feeling appears in Presence ‘from time to time’ along with everything else. You are the one in whom all such thoughts and feelings appear, but you your self do not appear in anything.

In other words, you are looking for an objective experience and, by doing so, compel your experience to mirror this belief. As a result, your experience seems to confirm that you are a separate subject. It is this separate subject that is not peaceful, that is in a state of resisting and seeking, and which therefore veils the peace of your true nature.

Presence is peace itself. Like the space of the room in which you are sitting (relatively speaking), it cannot be agitated. All agitated activities take place within it but it is itself without agitation. Presence is like that. It allows everything to appear within it, choicelessly, without preference, including sometimes very agitated appearances of the mind, body or world, but it is itself the inherently and eternally peaceful ‘space’ in which all these appear.

So there is no need to look for a peaceful appearance of the mind or body in order to be knowingly this peaceful Presence. Nor do you need to have any special knowledge. Knowing that you are this Presence is all the special knowledge you need. And the more we abide knowingly as this Presence, the more its inherently free, unlimited, peaceful and happy qualities are revealed in our expereintial understanding.