Satsang and Soul

Why Do We Write?

People may discover that they are writing out of the need to be seen by others. There are ways to fix this and begin to write for different reasons


You may discover that you are writing from a rule based logic based consciousness rather than from your own personal inner world and life. Letting external thinking processes govern your writing

Something that can really help with this is if you track down your belief about who others are , the audience you imagine them to be. You may have beliefs that people are out to judge you or that others are bad. This can be taking you out truth


If you  begin to notice when these blocks are running you will be able step back from them and take an overview


You might begin to tune in internally and at the same time place your focus on the outside world so that you are connected to yourself and also in life


Writing is so important as it is not always what you wrote about that matters but that you are writing at all. There is a flow that can begin. The river begins to take course, the product or outcome suddenly seems less important than the practice itself.


The world begins to right itself and become clearer, you connect with yourself. Just wait and see what happens next.


Connect with what is alive in you and your beingness.I think that must take you away from strategies and bypasses and the minds stories