Satsang and Soul

What is truth

Our conditioned impulse from years of schooling is to answer that question. But anything we think or try to say about Truth is one-step removed; it is an abstraction. No word or concept can begin to capture the wholeness and the immediacy of this ever-present, ever-changing reality Here / Now. But if we remain with that open question, not answering it, but simply listening openly, wondering silently, then perhaps we will recognize the truth, not as something that we can grasp and pin down and possess, but as the living reality that we are.

Truth is simple. It is effortlessly always already the case. We could say that it is simply present moment experiencing, just as it is -- this ever-changing, ever-present happening that has no beginning and no end, for it is always Here / Now.

Apparent complication arises when the thinking mind tries to make sense of this inexplicable happening and take hold of it conceptually. To some degree, this kind of conceptual thought is functionally necessary. It works very well in a practical sense as long as we don't forget that the conceptual pictures it generates are only relatively true, but never absolutely true. For example, "the earth is a planet orbiting the sun." This is a relative truth. It is functionally useful. But in the absolute sense, there is no such thing as an "earth" or a "sun," for these are conceptual abstractions of what is actually ever-changing, inconceivable, seamless flux.