Satsang and Soul

What is

Nonduality or awakening isn’t theoretical. It’s not mystical. It isn’t something to figure out. It isn’t a peak experience or a special experience other than the one you are having right now. It’s never in the future or the past. It’s not an attainment. It’s being just this moment, the utter simplicity of what is. 

Waking up from the trance of thoughts, concepts and beliefs, what remains is the freedom in which no solid or continuous thing forms, the realization that nothing is separate from anything else, that everything contains and is made of everything else, that all of it is a seamless and dynamic happening from which nothing stands apart. Liberation is the falling away of all resistance to what is, waking up to the boundlessness, the spaciousness, the aliveness that is Here / Now. This awakening is not something that happens once-and-for-all or forever-after, nor is it something that happened in the past or that might happen in the future. It is always only right now. 

Ultimately, liberation is all about love. Awareness or presence (being just this moment) is unconditional love. Loving the world and loving ourselves. Loving our apparent enemies as well as our friends. Loving those parts of the world and of ourselves that seem terrible and unacceptable to us, the deep wounds—our anger, reactivity, neediness, shame, depression, failures, selfishness, greed, defensiveness, addictions, fears, attempts to control everything. 

Usually, these are the places in ourselves and in the world that we habitually want to escape or condemn. But these are the places that most need our love, not our hatred, judgment or condemnation. Of course, that doesn’t mean condoning harmful behavior or not trying to change what is hurtful or unjust, but we don’t transform ourselves or the world by hating, condemning, shaming, blaming or ignoring, but rather by loving. Love is another word for awareness—complete, nonjudgmental attention without a motive, attention in which there is no separation between seer and seen. Instead of running from what we dislike, we turn toward it and embrace it. Awareness accepts everything as it is, seeing it clearly, beholding it without judgment. Awareness has no agenda, and yet it is only in awareness (or love) that true transformation can happen. In the light of awareness, something genuinely fresh and new can enter the picture. This is the source of all true creativity and all intelligent action.