Satsang and Soul

There is Only Consciousness

The basic fact of living is the awareness of it. There is only consciousness.

When we forget that we ARE conscious contact there’s trouble, because life is no longer experienced as what is simply happening, but as what is happening TO ME.
All the thoughts that are happening in your head are a product of the system of self centeredness. Whatever has happened in your life, self takes advantage of it. Polishes it, cherishes it, makes it the basis of its story. No way it’s going to let loose of it. It receives whatever your life comes in contact with and takes advantage of it.

You realize finally there is no need to be liberated. All that needs to be liberated is you, from the idea of being a noun.
There is an event going on, you think it is happening to you as a self. You don’t see yourself as proceeding THROUGH an event, but as an event that’s happening TO you.

When you think life is happening TO you, thousands of files download. This system of self centeredness gives meaning through you to life. You see the meaning as though it’s real and solid and outside of yourself.

There is life. Then it becomes my life. My self. Creating this huge movie about me.

Trying to get a solution? To what? To get out of self?

Sounds like a natural response to a situation that’s unbearable. But the response is part and parcel of the bigger problem, called self-centeredness. It’s called duality. Your getting out of it is being in it also.