Satsang and Soul

The Pathless Path

The pathless path from Here to Here is about waking up now to the wonder of presence and the power of awareness. It is about discovering how to shift from the dream of suffering into the living reality of freedom and love. It's about discovering firsthand how that shift comes about, what works and what doesn’t work, where the power and the ability to realize freedom actually IS. This power doesn’t come from the independent, individual self, which is a mirage-like fiction, a creation of smoke and mirrors. It comes from the True Self. And it isn’t realized by goal-oriented effort and intentionality, but counter-intuitively, by the absence of all that—by the complete acceptance of what is—by being aware and allowing everything to be just as it is, without judging or labeling or trying to correct it—but instead, simply beholding it with interest, curiosity and love. This aware presence is the intelligence of life itself, the wholeness of being, the spaciousness, emptiness or seamlessness that has been called the Self, God, the Tao, Buddha Nature, or the Now. This is our true nature. 

The true “I” is the same “I” for everyone—it is the presence in the present moment, the unbound awareness beholding the ever-changing scenery and the ever-unfolding drama, the still point whose center is everywhere and whose periphery is nowhere, the seamlessness from which nothing stands apart and within which no-thing ever actually forms as a discrete, separate, persisting entity. This boundless awareness accepts everything. It includes all polarities and all sides of everything