Satsang and Soul

The  Mind

The mind, body and the world appear to Consciousness, to ‘me,’ to ‘I.’ They are objects and Consciousness is their subject, that which experiences them.
Consciousness, that which we call ‘I,’ is always present in every experience and does not disappear between experiences. 
Have we ever had the experience of our Self, Consciousness, disappearing? That is not possible. There would have to be something present to witness that disappearance, and that something would have to be conscious. It would in turn be that which we call ‘I,’ Consciousness.
When an object appears within this conscious Presence, this Presence knows itself as the witness of that object.
In deep sleep, ‘I,’ this conscious witnessing Presence remains exactly as it always is in the waking and dreaming states. 
There are no objects present in deep sleep and therefore there is no memory of that state. On waking, the mind interprets that state as a blank, a nothing, a void. However, an absence of memory is not a proof of non-existence. 
On falling asleep the well organised images, sensations and perceptions of the waking state are gradually replaced by the less well organised images of the dreaming state but, during this transition, there is no experience of a change in the presence of Consciousness.