Satsang and Soul

The 'I' Behind The 'Me'

I spoke with Andinaji about how behind the sense of the individual person that we identify with being and experience ourselves living as day to day, the person we think of ourselves as 'me', there is another self, an ‘I’ 

I then had a sense of a self that came before ‘Hannah’ and that was creating me into being 'moment to moment.'


As I stayed with this, the usual experience of myself being a separate person, talking with Andinaji as another separate person, changed to one where Andina and I actually were one consciousness playing a game of talking to itself through  the apparent appearance of  two different people. With this realisation the interaction I was having became more true and joyful.

Andina then suggested that I ‘shimmy up to the sense of the 'I'.

In trying this I quickly encountered what words could vaguely describe as a vast, eternal empty peace.

I sensed a  presence - and realised that this presence has been there with me my whole life, watching every second of that life take place. 

I realised that this presence is there for each and everyone of us.

Something for you to explore...?

If you would like to explore for yourself connecting with the one consciousness behind the seemingly separate sense of individuals then read on.

Imagine that you are watching a play on a stage. Which play is this? 

Now recall three of the main characters in that play – what are their names? 

Next see all three of those characters on the stage performing with each other, speaking their lines. 

Imagine that you yourself are actually playing each of the characters at the same time.

How differently might your experience of the play be now...?