Satsang and Soul

Guarding the Energetic System

As you mature you become more aware of your energetic system and more conscious of how interactions affect it

In your childhood you probably didn’t learn how to guard and protect your energetic system, so you will need to learn to do that now.

When we are doing this kind of work shame always comes up. The best way to work with shame is to have self-empathy

To begin this process, take an overview of the situation you are in, what it is costing you and then say the words ‘poor me’ and see if they resonate. This should put you back on your own side and back inside your own skin


So lets look at some of the ways that people act which means you need to guard your energetic system. One that comes to mind is that a person can act helpless as if they need to have their ego bolstered. They may talk about not being able to do something very well and express a lot of insecurities.

This is a demand of energy from you. The response may take a lot of energy from you if you decide to play along and bolster their ego. Another response is to flag to them just what it is that they are doing. Hopefully once they become conscious of it they will do it less


Another way that people demand energy from you is by putting a negative slant on things. It takes a concerted amount of energy to intervene in this and put the positivity back into the conversation.

Again if you let the person know that they are doing this they may do it less.

As you practice this you may become more conversant with your energetic system and pick up on the ways that people impact yours, recognising the subtle nuances.