Satsang and Soul

Purpose and Fulfilment
Why is it that over 7 billion people seek to feel a sense of purpose and fulfilment in their life and yet only a very small percentage of these can achieve it. It’s not as if people aren’t trying because they are. There are millions of products ranging from cars and handbags to holiday destinations designed to fill this gap and there are also literally thousands of books, seminars and workshops dedicated to personal fulfilment. It’s not as if people don't buy these products - they do, to the tune of millions of pounds and it’s not as if they don't practice what they are learning in the courses, they do apply the principles.

And many do both for the whole of their lives and still they fail.

In any other circumstances, such as a scientific research programme or business launch, these attempts would be seen as unproductive and the programme or product would have been deemed to have failed to launch and would be shelved.


We can put a rover onto Mars. we can see colour pictures of that far distant planet, we have taken apart the atom and access wildly enormous amounts of energy. We have satellites in space that can spy on a game of cards and see the hand that each player holds right down to the ace of clubs. We can attend a video conference from across the planet via the internet. We have created machines that can print out three dimensional organs using cells instead of ink. None of these existed even a few dozen years ago and yet how many people feel a true sense of purpose and fulfilment?


What is actually going on here? What is it that we are missing that we don't yet fully realise and that once realised would alter everything? What is it that will free humanity from the multiple failed attempts at fulfillment?


What’s missing is people’s connection with their Soul.

So what is their Soul?

Your Soul

Your Soul is the centre of who you are.

It is if you like, a blueprint for the unique individual on the planet at this time that you are.

It is a collection of all the characteristics that go together to make a you.

And it includes the colour of your eyes, the color of your hair, the way that you walk, the colour of your skin, the type of foods you like, the type of foods you don’t like, whether you enjoy playing one kind of sport or another type of sport. The kind of work that you do, the kind of person that you are, the type of range of things that appeal to you

Whether you are very visual so that colors, shape or form are very important to you or whether you are very auditory so that how things sound and whether they are melodic or discordant makes a real difference to you

The unique beingness that you are and your own preferences go together to make up who you really are as your soul expressing into this world


So, your Soul is your blueprint. The blueprint might be much the same as one would see in an oak tree, a daffodil or tulip. Each one of those grows into an oak tree, a daffodil or a tulip and they don't mix around so the acorn doesn't suddenly sprout daffodils petals and leaves. That just doesn’t happen because that’s not its blueprint. It is the same for your as a human being. Your blue print is you expressing into this world.