Satsang and Soul

Sleep addiction

Sleep can be addictive.

Sleep can be used to sedate the autonomic nervous system so that you are always in a numb state.

Sleep pushes issues and emotions below the surface of consciousness so that they are out of sight and out of mind.

It might start off in a relatively normal state of just getting lots of early nights, then finding you are lying in  in the morning and escalate so hat you are staying in bed until noon and then going to bed at 8 p.m

Having naps in the daytime can be a useful tool but not when you are sleeping the rest of the time too


It eats into your life and keeps life small. Everything changes. Your state of mind gets used to all the sleep. Y Our world becomes very small so that the simplest of tasks may seem like a trial. You may fond yourself collapsing mid way through a task and just going back to bed


When you embrace life, for instance organising your home to give you a better quality of life, your mind state changes. You find yourself to be in the flow of life. Issues which seemed really scary suddenly seem much more achievable. You have to get into the flow of life for your thinking to become more expansive and encompassing


The next day however, old patterns may resurface and you may now have a glimpse of  how life could be but be unable to materialise it. Rest assured that once you have a seen a glimpse of a different life you never go back to your addiction in exactly the same way.  You have changed in some way. You have to look for the chinks where change is possible. You might find it hard to get out of bed but then once you are up find yourself writing more than you would have done before. Make the most of the time and write as much as you can.


Sleep addiction may seem like a relatively small scale addiction but the cost can be high, Sure your’e not in danger like you might be if you had a heroin addiction, but you are outside of your life living a half life, sedating and supressing.

Facing up to difficult feeiings can be an important part of recovering from a sleep addiction. Let yourself just feel what is surfacing without any judgement or story. That way you won’t need to supress so much.

With any addiction the trick is to look for the roots of it – what is causing it. If you are sleeping your life away it is likely that you are avoiding issues and putting them on the table can help to lighten the load and make the urge to sleep less. Of course if life is very painful for you, you may want to sink into unconsciousness all the time, and dealing with the pain by unpacking it gently can be an answer.