Satsang and Soul

Self Remembering

Self-remembering simply means to remember our true self of present Awareness.

Now what is it that can remember the Self? Obviously not thinking, because thinking only knows apparent objects and the Self or Awareness has no objective qualities.

The mind can try think of Awareness but can never actually do so. It is like an eye trying to see itself. It can see everything apart from itself. So the only thing the eye can do is to cease looking in any other direction than itself.

Likewise, all thinking can do is to cease looking in any other direction other than our true self of Awareness but it cannot go directly to Awareness itself.

Any effort of thinking would, by definition, be directed towards an object - it is not possible to make an effort of mind without directing it towards something - and therefore no amount of effort will take you to your Self.

The best that such efforts will achieve is to thoroughly convince you of the futility of searching with the mind for an object in the future that will deliver the happiness and peace you deeply desire.

Any effort towards Awareness first presumes that Awareness is not present and not known.

This ignorance, or ignoring of Awareness, and the subsequent and inevitable search for it in the future, is the activity of the imaginary separate self.

It is not possible for the Self to be found as a result of that search because it is that very search which seemingly veils the Self that is being sought.

The searching thought is like a fish in the ocean looking for water!