Satsang and Soul

Denial of the Ocean

A mind identified as a wave is in denial of the ocean. It's that simple.
All there is, is consciousness. All you are is THAT. That space in which everything appears, moment by moment streaming through.
But our minds become identified with appearances. The mind has become identified as the body. We’re like a bunch of waves looking at the other waves, totally consumed in a wave world of our own interpretation, when all there is is ocean.
"That wave’s faster than I am. That wave is getting to the shore before me. I want to pick up the shells. I don’t want to break in Stinson Beach, I want to break in Hawaii."

There is a seeing that is available at all times. No matter what your head is telling you about what’s looking, underneath all that is pure seeing. All the time. Every moment. Seeing is not defined by your idea of what looking is, with all the opinions, pontification, judgments and critiques of how you’re doing and not doing.

As Buddha said: when you feel, feel. When you taste, taste. When you touch, touch. When you smile, smile. When you think, think. This is conscious contact.
The conditioned head acknowledges the conscious contact, consciousness moving through the body, then it claims it: Bhajana is seeing. Bhajana is hearing. Bhajana tastes that ice cream. The object has claimed the movement of subjectivity through it and now claims the expression of subjectivity as “mine.”
This selfing is such a small mental process. Its whole claim to fame is being a body. From this appearance of the body it produces the effect of being a self. Like an intoxicant. Everything it entertains is entertained as the self, which limits what it can entertain. Everything is perceived as to how it pertains to me. In the process there is a denial of THAT — the ocean — though all that is, is that.