Satsang and Soul

An Introduction to Non Dual Consciousness 

The path to non-dual consciousness does not really exist as you are this consciousness already. However within the world of duality the sense of seeking of the Self has a common series of stages. 

Initially there may an ignoring, rejection or devaluing of non-duality, however as intuition increases this can open into a belief or a trust that there is something more. 

(Unfortunately this ‘something more’ is often believed to happen after you have died, and in some cases this is after a number of lifetimes, and generally only if you do good work and purify yourself.)

Then comes an intuition or resonance with a deeper knowing which leads to seeking away from outdated spiritual teachings. Also around this time deeply hidden personal material usually surfaces looking as though it is completely about current life circumstances. This material can also be an attempt by the unconscious to not ‘go there’ and hold onto the personality and its structures and beliefs. This requires intensive, and ongoing, processing in order for it not to de-rail awakening. 

At any point glimpses, or openings, can occur into a consciousness so profound that that the persons worldview is forever altered and the paradox of being both human and divine begins to emerge and with this is a swinging from ‘me-ing’ to ‘be-ing’.

As undivided consciousness opens boundaries dissolve and the individual self, as well as all people, objects and actions are finally simply seen as living appearances in a seamless non-dual whole. At this point love is known in its true form – beyond all sense of the personal or relational.