Satsang and Soul

New Year, New You?

The New Year is approaching again.

How many of us were full of determination and hope this time last year with resolutions for the future, only to find our impetus faltering as January commenced and our resolutions all but forgotten by February?

Whether we decided to give up smoking or to be more patient with one another, we may find ourselves with the same resolutions all over again this year.

When we have an issue that perseveres we may need to go to the root of that issue and address it head on in order to bring about lasting change. 

What is most commonly found to be at the centre of many issues, be they addictions or relationship problems or something else, is unaddressed material from the past. The accompanying issues turn out to be mere symptoms that fall away of their own accord once their genesis is dealt with.

When difficult events happened to us in our pasts that we could not deal with at that time we may have put all sorts of strategies in place to find a way to cope. These strategies can be things like using substances to mood alter the residual unprocessed feelings, or changing the way we relate to people to stop the same things happening to us ever again. These strategies come with us into our future as habitual issues. The core reason for them is long forgotten from our conscious mind. The experiences are still retained deeply within our psyche.

Fortunately we now have ways to heal from these unprocessed past experiences and more and more of us are making a practice of going back and working with the past so as to be finally free of it. 

Perhaps instead of making New Year’s resolutions each year we could have a tradition where people set aside time to explore unresolved past material and unhook themselves from the patterns that may well otherwise pervade into the New Year and beyond.