Satsang and Soul


Here / Now is the boundless awareness in which there is no division and nothing to grasp, the seamlessness that is beyond the words, the unconditional love of the Heart. Words can only take us so far. They can describe and point and evoke, but they can never capture or reproduce reality itself.
Here / Now is an ever-changing, ever-present, living reality. It can never be lost and thus it can never be found. It is mysterious only in the sense that we cannot pin it down, take hold of it or explain it, but not in the sense of it being exotic, elusive, far away or difficult to attain, for in fact, it is totally self-evident, immediate and unavoidable—most intimate and completely all-inclusive. 

This luminous aliveness (awareness, presence, consciousness, beingness, God, intelligence-energy, the One Self, the Tao, emptiness, the Heart, whatever word we use to point to it) is not an object or a substance that we can grasp, see, or bottle up. But the actuality of this all-inclusive and boundless aware-presence is truly undeniable, although you may have convinced yourself (as a belief, a thought-story) that you don’t get it, or you may be avidly denying it verbally, but what you are denying is some concept. Because you cannot deny or doubt being here now. I don’t mean being here as a particular person—that can be doubted—but rather, being here as this aware presence, this nonconceptual and direct knowingness of being present, this naked experiencing (breathing-hearing-seeing-thin king-awaring) — THIS is beyond doubt. Even if you believe that it is all an illusion or a dream, the appearing of that dream or that illusion, the presence of it, the awaring of it cannot be negated.