Satsang and Soul

Let go

Noumenon, phenomenon, movement, stillness, consciousness, awareness, ever-changing, ever-present, unicity, duality, beingness, conditioned, unconditioned, emptiness, Self, no-self, immutable flux—so many words upon words pointing to simplicity itself. 

Is it possible right now to let go of all the words, all the ideas—and for this moment, to give up the entire search—the effort to understand, to make sense, to grasp, to define, to clarify, to assert, to resist, to arrive, to do, to become, to get somewhere? Is it possible, right now, to simply be still, to simply be present? 

Is it possible for one moment to relax all the mental efforting and to feel the aliveness, the presence, the openness, the simple beingness, the spaciousness of Here / Now?

This spaciousness includes the sounds of traffic, the tweeting of birds, the faint sounds of a television in another room, an ache in the shoulder, the sensations of breathing—nothing is left out of this listening silence, it is all one seamless happening, one listening-breathing-awaring-presence. Nothing needs to be other than exactly how it is. Nothing needs to be resisted, achieved, altered or corrected.

I’m not pointing to some special state of consciousness, something exotic and foreign that you have to work hard to find. I’m pointing to what is right here now—utterly obvious and completely unavoidable—this present happening, this aware presence, this beingness that you are and cannot not be.

This uncontained, unbound vastness is all-inclusive. Nothing is outside of Here / Now. Awareness or presence or beingness is not an idea or a concept. It is not something to be figured out and understood or considered philosophically. It is what remains in the absence of all such thoughts, ideas and concepts (although paradoxically it is equally present as thoughts, ideas and concepts). If any of this sounds paradoxical or bewildering, instead of trying to figure it out and think your way to clarity, is it possible—right now—to relax and surrender that whole movement of the thinking mind that wants to get a grip mentally and take hold of the truth conceptually? Is it possible to surrender into the freedom of not-knowing?