Satsang and Soul

Not Landing Anywhere

If we look deeply, we see that ALL our thoughts, interests, urges and actions—our interest in nonduality, our attraction to meditation or to Advaita or to the Buddhist precepts, our ability or inability to follow those precepts in any given moment, our interest in or aversion to politics, the sources of information we trust or mistrust, what catches our eye, the ways our attention moves from one thing to another—ALL of this is a choiceless happening with no separate, independent thinker-decider-seer-chooser-controller-doer at the helm. All of it is a movement of the whole universe (Consciousness, Totality, intelligence-energy, Unicity), a waving of the vast undivided ocean of being. Our apparent conflicts and mistakes are in total harmony from this bigger or more subtle perspective. We are all inseparable waves in one ocean, and that ocean includes EVERYONE, even those we think and feel are the “bad guys,” and of course, we won’t all agree on who the “bad guys” or the “good guys” are.

The left eye and the right eye each see a slightly different world. There is some overlap in what they see, but the right sees some things that the left doesn’t and vice versa. Together they form one whole vision. Likewise, each of us sees a unique movie of waking life, and together, we are One Whole Vision, one whole Intelligence, one whole Ocean of Life moving together, even when it sometimes feels that we are separate and moving in opposition. This wholeness includes not only all the humans, but also the soil, the birds, the planets, the dust motes, the subatomic particles, the galaxies, the sun—all of it one intelligence, one happening, one being or interbeing. The apparent conflict that we experience at the human level is part of the whole, just as stormy weather often seems wild, chaotic and unpredictable—things blowing this way and that, winds and earthquakes over-turning and upsetting things.