Satsang and Soul

Inner Authority

When it comes to diet, there are lots of different authorities all giving conflicting information. Paleo, keto, vegan to name but a few. It seems we give our authority over to these scientists and let them tell us what we should be eating. But how about if we were to act with inner authority – to be in touch with ourselves and know which foods we organically desired. Surely this would lead to a better sense of fulfillment and improve our health.

How much attention do you pay to your food when you eat. Do you tune in to the desire, focus all your attention on the flavour of your food and really feel the feelings of fullness. If not it is likely you have dented your sensitivity for it is a use it or lose it scenario.

And what about food addictions? There is a theory that addictions are all about trying to meet unmet needs in other ways. Charles Eisenstein has a really good example.

Imagine that there is a woman who is thirsty and doesn’t know about water. She stumbles a cross ice cream and eats one. While she is eating her throat is sated, her mouth is cool and it seems to allay the symptoms. When she stops eating the ice cream the sense of thirst returns. So what does she do?

She has another ice cream. Does she have an addiction to ice cream? No, she is thirsty and is handling in in the best way she knows how. Once she is introduced to water she feels sated straight away and begins relying on water. The ice cream eating simply falls away.

So it is with other addictions. For example you might need intimacy in your life and turn to sugar instead.

We are all meant to belong. The people around us are meant to know us intimately. We are meant to have a connection with nature, knowing the habits of the animals we see and which bark of which trees goes to make medicines for us.

For us to have lost our sense of community and our connection to nature leaves a hole inside each of us. What do you think you do to fill this hole?