Satsang and Soul

It’s Not Rocket Science…!

Recovering from your past is not rocket science. At this very moment you already have within you the natural ability to recover and heal. This mechanism actually works in the same way as the one that your body uses all the time to heal itself from physical wounds. As you reclaim this innate and natural process this enables your psyche to effectively deal with the psychological, emotional and relational wounds stemming from unresolved past experiences. Once these experiences have been dealt with and integrated into the psyche, the accompanying symptoms of physical health conditions can begin to simply fall away of their own accord.

Our Healing History

Over millions and millions of years of our evolutionary history generations of our species have survived a multitude of adverse and life threatening experiences. During this process our system developed an amazing ability to heal itself, an ability that has been refined over the millennia.

We now have in place the internal processes needed to metabolise and integrate huge amounts of living experiences, as well as those that were previously unresolved in our past.

The fact that you are reading this is proof of that because, in order for you to be here today, every single one of the millions of your ancestors had to have lived long enough to produce at least one child, which finally ended up with you being here to read these words.

The Recovery Process

When someone breaks their leg it is expected that the injured part will spontaneously go through a number of stages in healing. Beginning with inflammation the body will then remove or repair the damaged bone and tissue, stop infection, reduce the swelling and then finally lay down new bone as needed, all in a matter of a few weeks.

The point I am making here is that the leg will naturally heal on its own given the right circumstances - and you don't have to organise or supervise any of this at all -in fact it would be a very full time job if you had to..!

All you have to consciously do is get out of the way of your own natural healing process and provide minimal support to it in doing the job it already knows how to do. In the case of a broken leg this support mainly involves resting and supporting it.

Missed Opportunity

With psychological and emotional issues we as a species haven’t yet quite got to grips with the fact that there is an identical natural healing process within the human psyche and that by getting out of our own way and supporting our psyche, the same process that heals a leg can rapidly, effectively and efficiently repair and integrate unresolved past experiences. A simple way of looking at it is that just as we heal a broken leg we can also heal a broken heart and then find that our high blood pressure issue resolves itself quite naturally as a result of this process. The high blood pressure is in fact found to be a side issue, albeit a signficant one, stemming from the main event of having unresolved emotional wounding.

The Flexible Brain

One of the ways that our species previously got in the way of recovering from our past issues is a long held belief that the human brain cannot regrow - but we now know that this is not accurate and in fact the brain can grow millions of new connections and both re-wire itself, and also change it's chemical balance, in a very short space of time given the right opportunity.

Reactions rather than Responses

Another way that we currently get in the way of our recovery is if we were brought up in a society or family that could not see the fullness of who we really are and did not fully mirror us to ourselves, so that the patterns and beliefs about self and others that we laid down in our earlier years actually disconnected us from the natural and healthy flow of our emotional and soulful experiencing, and these patterns and beliefs are continuing to run in the background of our life now.

This disconnection is so ingrained that we don't even know it is there and so unconsciously repeat the unfruitful patterns within the attempt to recover, so limiting or sabotaging our own efforts.

From Stuck to Free

By processing those past disconnections and re-aligning with their innate ability to heal people don't have to remain facing physical health issues, on mood altering medication or fighting off addictions forever. They can now recover rapidly by allowing their system to get on with what it already knows how to do - to get well.

The Whole Human Protocol

During the last 30 years a completely new recovery process, ‘The Whole Human Protocol’ has been developed which rapidly connects you with your own innate ability to recover from the debilitating effects of all types of emotional, physical and psychological health issues - even the deepest and most severe.

This new process represents a paradigm shift in the approach to recovery and is designed to empower and guide individuals to get below the patterns and strategies set up in early years and re-connect with their authentic 'beingness' which is full of love, compassion, empathy, wholeness and connectedness.

You don't have to strive for these - you already are these - you just might not know it yet..!

This fresh, effective and reliable process also incorporates the latest research from the growing field of interpersonal neurobiology and takes you step by step to the deepest levels of your own inner wisdom, your soul.

Through your own deep learning you also take charge of your own process, letting go of old, and sometimes deeply held, beliefs around what needs to take place and instead opening to discover what is actually required in order to grow and, most importantly, you learn the steps you need to take to effectively do this.

As you go through your own process and integration you will come to know and connect with yourself, other people and life itself in a way that is beyond what has previously been dreamed of or imagined.