Satsang and Soul

Inner to Outer

We can confuse our internal world with our external world - having a flashback and then projecting this onto our surroundings. For example a person might believe that they are less than others and then think that people are looking down on them.
They might if they pay attention discover all kinds of toxic self talk that they are then assigning to others, such as telling themselves they are repulsive and then believing that other people cannot bear to look at them.
Of course the opposite can be true - someone can make it all their own fault and blame themselves when people are actually abusing them.This is simply another kind of flashback. The person might have a belief such as, 'i'm the problem'
It can be very complicated. 
That is why it is important to work through flashbacks and come to some clarity about what is happening for you internally so that you can more accurately process what is happening externally. 
Beliefs shape the way we see the world. We filter everything through them. We will believe they are about now. We see our external world as being in line with our beliefs about ourselves. 
When we clear the flashbacks we can see our environment more clearly.