Satsang and Soul

The word "I" can refer to the person, which is an undeniable aspect of the all-inclusive unicity that we truly are, and the same word (“I”) can also refer to the impersonal, boundless, I AM—the vast unbound Awareness or Consciousness, the seamless One-without-a-second that is all there is, the Ultimate Subject, no-thing-ness (or emptiness) appearing as EVERYTHING, the Self, Here / Now, THIS. So the word “I” can be used to mean BOTH "I am Bhajana" AND "I Am THAT." And THAT is not the opposite of Bhajana, but rather, THAT includes and transcends Bhajana. THAT is the bigger context, the underlying reality, the unbroken wholeness that is fully present everywhere and everywhen. THAT is both Bhajana and everything else as well.
What we think of as a person, while relatively real within the movie of waking life, is actually a concept or a mental image, a kind of abstraction. No person has any inherent, independent, continuous existence. In reality, if you look closely, you will discover that the bodymind is ever-changing movement, interdependent with and inseparable from the entire universe. It is an appearance in (and of) Consciousness. No self exists or shows up apart from everything that it supposedly is not, and like a hologram, every part includes the whole. The boundary between me and not-me is like the line on a map between Scotland and England. It is conceptual. 
You can verify this experientially by closing your eyes and looking (meditatively, with awareness, not with thought) for the place where "inside of you" turns into "outside of you." Do you find any actual dividing-line, any actual place where “inside” ends and “outside” begins? 
Likewise, is the computer or hand-held device or tablet upon which you are seeing these words inside you or outside you? Apparently, it is outside your body, and yet, it is inside this boundless field of awareness (Here / Now) that is beholding it all. And like your computer, your body is also an appearance inside this vast and boundless awareness. And you might notice that it takes thought to imagine that this awareness is encapsulated inside your body, whereas in actual direct experience, awareness (Here / Now) has no boundaries, no borders, no seams. It is everywhere and everywhen, all-inclusive. Your body is in it, not the other way around.