Satsang and Soul


Grief happens in response to the loss of something in your life. It is nature’s way of healing.

Let’s recall any experience you might already have had with grief. Perhaps you have lost a loved one or a pet? If so what was that time like for you? How openly did you grieve? How did you experience the support of others during that time?


In our society grief can be seen as something shameful to be hidden. You are expected to just get over things in a very short space of time and pull your socks up.

This can leave those of us who are trying to honour our grief feeling very lonely and isolated. We can even take on other people’s beliefs about grief and end up thinking we are being weak for having so many feelings.


As well as seeing grief as something shameful we also seem to have a lot of fear around grief – that it is a dark thing and if you surrender to it fully you will lose your mind. This fear can be another reason not to allow yourself to grieve fully and to instead have an active resistance to grief.


However the truth about grief is that it is a natural process which, if you allow it to fully take its course, you will emerge out the other side of feeling healed and as if something is complete. It is good to let go of the controls and let this natural process take you where it needs you to go. This is a more mature relationship to have with grief.