Satsang and Soul

Going Deeper

We often talk about the mind causing us pain. We might hear that we are running stories that we are buying into. These stories might be about not being good enough, about not having our on reality, about comparing ourselves to other people and finding ourselves lacking. It might just look like there are lots of stories going on and we might just try to detach from the mind and not give the stories credence.

If we sit with this for a few minutes we might realise that this part of us that is giving us such a hard time has no concept of process and that this is why it always seems like there is something wrong. Because according to the part which has no overview, there is.

Lets take a look at process. For someone who has had trauma they start off with a lot to catch up on in comparison to other people, having multiple disabilities and gaps in their psyche. But if they come out the other side of this then they have a wealth to share. In the kingdom of the blind the one eye man is king. The trick is to be with the process of where you are going rather than looking at where you are now.

For example you might be on holiday with a person who has a relative lower amount of trauma. They might be able to be in the world, happily talking to other people and commune with nature. They may seem full of life. If the traumatised person were to compare where they are now in comparison to this person they might feel rotten. They might feel like they cant enjoy anything and their world is small that they are always in survival all the time and feel really self-conscious in talking to any one

If they were to see this through the eyes of process they might see their growth and where they have come from and where they are going. They might within this context not avoid having contact with other people but see it as an opportunity to practice communicating with people. Or they may simply see that these aren’t her kind of people. They might see that they are headed to a life of deeper connection through the work they are doing on their spirituality.

The main point is to see the process of everything, not to believe the voice who sees you where you are only and makes this smaller that it is

It can be sitting silently and pausing and going underneath things that brings this kind of clarity. Without this one may just stay stuck in the loop of judging themselves in a bubble with no context.

It is important to come to clarity on what it is the part of you is not getting otherwise you might just try to ignore the mind and end up in no mans land with out having a you to land in aside.