Satsang and Soul


I hear time and time again that the way to heal from the past is through forgiveness. 

The way to healing is through focused inner work that allows you to actually mend the damage that was done to you in your upbringing.

Forgiveness can be a byproduct of this, but it is not necessary for it to be there in order for healing to take place.

Forcing one to forgive can take them in the opposite direction of healing as they end up bypassing their real feelings of anger and sadness and losing connection with themselves. You have to go to the truth of your own feelings and embrace these to truly move forwards.

Forgiveness can come authentically in time as a result of inner work. 

Perhaps it is seen that your parents were deeply wounded and an overview of humanity comes where it is realised that we are all caught up in the tragedy of trauma. Forgiveness can come from this overview. Actually, what can be seen is that there is nothing to forgive.

But this process is still a byproduct. 

You can heal from your past without ever forgiving your parents.