Satsang and Soul

Childhood Experiences Shape the Brain

The quality of our initial relationships with our caregivers - how safe they are and how well our needs were met - actually plays a major part in sculpting a child’s growing brain

The formation of the three structures, the neo cortex, the limbic brain and the visceral brain and how well they communicate with each other will depend on how well the people you were dependant on communicated with you. Nurture is very much a part of the picture.

The childs growing brain is plastic and meant to be shaped by intimate interactions. However, this growth can also be negatively impacted by dysfunctional relationships.

This is why simply putting the past behind you  doesn’t work.

Fortunately there is a way to heal the brain 

When we go back and work with the original experiences as if they were happening to us right now and express everything we needed to at that time so that our healthy grieving process could take its course, we can rewire our brain to more resemble the brain of someone who had a healthy childhood.