Satsang and Soul

Simple Experiencing

In simple experiencing, there is no division into seer, seeing and seen. The present moment is an undivided happening. There is infinite variation and diversity, but not separation. Everything is one flowing whole from which nothing stands apart. This is not a philosophy to believe in but something to see and discover directly for oneself. Right now, hearing the traffic or the wind or the song of a bird, where in actual direct experience is the boundary between “the sound” and “the hearing” and “the one who is hearing”? Doesn’t it take thought to conjure all of that up? Isn’t the actual experience simply whooosh, whooosh, whooosh or cheep cheep cheep—utterly immediate, right here, with no division, no separation, no gap?

Words and concepts break this wholeness up into imaginary parts (“the traffic,” “the sound,” “my ears,” “my brain,” “me”), and soon we are hypnotized by this conceptual picture of solid, separate, disconnected things. We focus most of our attention on that conceptual map-world and overlook the living reality of ever-changing hearing, seeing, sensing, perceiving, awaring, moving, breathing, being. This living reality Here / Now is seamless and unbound, never apart from us, always most intimate. It is actually inescapable and totally obvious, but by focusing mainly on the conceptual map, we consistently overlook our actual experience in favor of our ideas about it, and in the process, we become increasingly rigid, fixated, limited, frozen, confused and out of touch with our own life force and our own deepest truth. It is from this suffering and delusion that all genuine spiritual practices, along with many other practices such as somatic awareness work, endeavor to awaken us.