Satsang and Soul

An Evolution in Consciousness

Right now if we were to view the earth from outer space we would see a planet choking on pollution, with pangs of hunger increasing as the population grows and more and more of us are hungry. Our old life support systems are breaking down. Time is running out for us to change.

It’s not uncommon for people to feel fearful and alone during turbulent times. Many are uncertain of what to do or where to turn.

Our evolution requires that we turn inwards and connect deeply with ourselves and out of this find a new connection with others. As more of us begin to do this what is taking place is an evolution not in our biology or of Technology but in our very Consciousness.

One way into this deep connection is that just as we learned to use fire and invented the wheel, we have now created tools which make it possible for us to finally repair the past so that we can live emotionally unpolluted lives, becoming available to ourselves and each other in the present

Secondly, while so many of us do grow hungry, more and more of us are also opening into Divine Consciousness which brings with it profound changes in how we view life since everything is seen to be the one source arising as the many. We are seen to be one.

Through these new deep connections fear is being transformed to love and a doorway into a new future is opening.

What can you do to contribute to this new future…?

Take part in your own Evolution in Consciousness: Clear any issues from your past that hinder you now and make sure to actively participate in opening into your fullest Consciousness.

Fundamental internal change organically arises out of this – and from there we can make the external changes we need to see in the world.