Satsang and Soul


Duality only exists within (and relative to) the boundaries of some objective “thing.” And yet any apparent “thing”—any apparently independent, persisting, substantial form—is always a conceptual abstraction because in reality there is only undivided, seamless flux. No-thing ever actually forms in the way we think it does, as an independent or persisting object. The very notion of “my body” or “the chair” or “this Facebook post” is a kind of mental idea, in which perception and conceptualization isolate, reify, abstract, and draw boundaries around notional “parts” of what is actually ever-changing, undivided flux. Once the mind has created an apparently separate and enduring form and drawn a boundary-line around it, then we have duality. But this duality is always imaginary.
The distinctions we make between up and down, or good and bad, are always relative. The ceiling of my living room is “up” relative to the floor, and “down” relative to the sky. But there is no absolute up or absolute down. In outer space, with no reference points, there is no meaningful difference between up or down. Astronauts sleep standing up, which is the same as lying down. 
Once thought has created an abstract object such as “the earth,” then within the frame of that abstraction, the north pole is “above” and the south pole is “below.” But this is only a mental construction, a convention. From outer space, there is no “up side” of the earth, and there are no solid boundary-lines dividing “the earth” up into different nations. Clouds swirl, water churns, volcanoes erupt, lava flows, the earth quakes, mountains rise and fall. The earth is actually in constant flux, but much of this flux happens so slowly that we don’t see it. 

But whenever we look closely at any apparent thing, we find only movement forming and unforming and informing itself. Everything is made up of everything else. These words would not be unfolding right now without my grandparents and your grandparents and their grandparents and the sun and the soil and the entire ecosystem that kept all of them alive and the Big Bang out of which that ecosystem emerged. This entire happening is one continuous, indivisible stream. And although it is nothing but thorough-going flux, everything is always occurring Here / Now in this ever-present awaring-presence that could be described as no-thing appearing as everything—a seamless totality that is at once ever-present and ever-changing.