Satsang and Soul

Drawing a blank

When I sit down to write I draw a blank. Its as if I have nothing to say, a bit like being brain dead. But then that is what I should write about because that is what is happening The fact I draw a blank and feel brain dead is the meat of the issue and one which everyone will face sometimes. I have to remember that the most personal is also often universal. I have to consider myself to be a part of the human race to see that my struggles are all man’s struggles.

The reaching beyond my present experience to control how I think writing should be that is the problem.. When I engage with what is happening and simply write about that it puts me into intimacy with myself and so I know that part of what is happening that is blocking me is that I am splitting from myself.

Of course writing in this way makes you vulnerable because you are actually sharing intimate parts of yourself. Perhaps this is also behind the impulse to reach far outside myself for things to write about and give a polished version of myself.

When you write what is happening for you and unpack that you become ‘the way’ for other people.

That is simply all that is required.

You might have to make it general , writing about ‘some people’ rather than about yourself if the writing reveals too much about you and leaves you vulnerable in other people’s interpretation of you.