Satsang and Soul

Your Dimensions of Consciousness - you are so much more then you know!

Most people are conscious that they have a mind and also a body and are able to experience these as different parts that make up the sense of ‘I’. There is also now a growing awareness of a number of other parts - for ease I call these Dimensions of Consciousness - that also make up ‘I’ and form part of being a Whole Human.



Often called Chi or Prana, this is an energy system which moves through and around our body. People are often familiar with this energy within the framework of acupuncture, types of massage that use acupressure points and hands on healing. As you become conscious on this level this stimulates the Chi to move about the body more freely, for improved health and vitality.



The physical body is self-evident and the first of what is usually seen as the identification of a person.

It is important to be very grounded in our body as we can then be in the ‘Now’ or present moment, however much focus is given to the physical body in a way that often makes it much more difficult for people to even consider moving into deeper awareness of our other levels.



Our emotional system, when healthy, moves from emotion to emotion and is often underappreciated; partly because emotions can be so fluid and fleeting that they seem unimportant.

Problems with our emotions are also one of the key pointers to unresolved issues and as such are often denied or suppressed with medication in a vain attempt to ignore the impact of the past.



The psychological system is our thinking system and helps us to navigate our complex world, and together with the physical body, is held in high regard, so much so that many people are a ‘minds on legs’ and unable to deeply relate with others or find meaning in their lives.  

In the Western world the intellect is king and people who interact with the world mainly from this level, for example academics and scientists, are at the moment given a high status above that of people who are, for example, relationally competent or highly intuitive.



The ability to connect deeply within and, retaining this connection, then engage in heartfelt interactions with other people, animals and the planet and so create safe and healthy relationships, communities and societies. This Level is still in its infancy in many people, as their ability to relate is blocked by unresolved relational issues from childhood.



Intuition is ‘in-tuition’ and informs the mind about what is going on. It is ‘non-local’ which means that, unlike the energetic system around and within the body, events can be happening miles away and we can know about it instantly, which can help with making choices and decisions.

When you walk into a room and suddenly feel ill at ease this can be an example of your intuition kicking in. Many people have learned to not listen to this part of themselves or don’t know how even if they wanted to.



At this Level we start to move out from the personal consciousness. Soul consciousness is not a belief, understanding or idea, although we may have any or all of those, but rather it is an actual perception that has an overview of ourselves and our lives which includes the preceding levels and also goes beyond them. Connecting with this level helps to navigate a life that has meaning, creativity and purpose, including finding the work we were born to do.


Unity Consciousness

A sense of a deep connection with everything and a deep personal experiencing of the underlying ‘web of life’ and interconnection and interrelationship of all beings and things. This brings with it an ability to see a wider picture and deep love for all. Modern day quantum mechanics is now beginning to prove what sages have know for millennia- that this level of consciousness is very real and tangible.


Non-Dual Consciousness

A profound expansion of Consciousness underpinning the great religious traditions of the world: Buddhism, Christianity, Sufism and Muslim are some examples, Non-Duality is also sometimes called enlightenment, nirvana, oneness or liberation.

Once only available to very few, there has recently been a flowering of human consciousness and level this is now available to everyone.


In Summary

Over time, working on yourself from within, the distractions that block your awareness of all the Levels listed above will begin to drop away and you will automatically and organically become gradually more conscious.

As you do this, integration takes place so that you can finally step into your human birthright: Being a Whole Human, leading to a life of Wonderment, Freedom and Wholeness, so that you can get the most out of the relatively short time that any of us have on the planet.