Satsang and Soul


Once we have been conditioned to associate a particular treatment — for instance taking a pill — with a certain biological response, we will also then experience that same biological response when we take a similar looking pill. Your hormone levels and immune system will respond as if the pill was active and this response works regardless of our conscious beliefs.


Imagine then how our psychological conditioning about who we are as a person– the unconscious beliefs we take on in childhood and which form the foundation of our personalities, will continue to impact our response to life.

We may encounter placebo situations that are quite neutral, but if our past experiences has led to us hold a deep seated belief about ourselves as being bad, we may psychologically and physically interpret ourselves to be in a situation where we are about to be reprimanded and this will impact our behaviour and choices. 


Fortunately, we are realising that it is possible to work with these unconscious beliefs and change them to more accurate and self supporting ones.

We do this by bringing them to consciousness – naming the exact phrase, stance, or assumption we took on about ourselves – so that the belief no longer governs our life  reality and our choices without us knowing.

Once we take out of the equation who it is that we were conditioned to believe that we were, We are freed up to discover our authentic self, our Soul self, and start moving more in alignment with our life’s path