Satsang and Soul


Awareness is ever-present; thoughts are intermittent. Something that is ever-present cannot be made of or indeed be known by something that is intermittent. This is, of course, said from the point of view of Enlightened Duality in which we provisionally concede a distinction between Awareness and its objects, in this case, thoughts.

If we go more deeply into the nature of experience, we do not find this distinction. In this case, the thought is understood to be nothing other than Awareness itself (if we can still legitimately call it ‘Awareness’). As such, a thought is the shape that Awareness is taking at that particular moment – a temporary name and form of its ever-present, nameless, formless substance – and it is Awareness that knows it as such. In other words, it is Awareness that knows itself modulating itself in the form of an apparent thought.

So it is Awareness, not the mind (using my definitions of the words) that has the ability to perceive – either to perceive an apparent object (Enlightened Duality) or to know itself alone (Embodied Enlightenment).

The belief that the mind perceives or is aware, doesn’t make sense. Mind is perceived; it does not perceive. Only Awareness is aware