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Four a.m

You might wake up at 4am regretting certain aspects about the way you have lived your life.

I did last night.


This regret can be especially true if we were exposed to trauma growing up.

Many survivors of trauma feel as though anything that is unknown is very scary indeed and is to be avoided at all costs. It can be an addiction staying in your comfort zone.


However what these strategies do is stop us moving forward in life and building a future.

If you do try moving forwards you might find that its actually not as terrible as you scared yourself into thinking it would be. You might find meaning in your life and gain confidence in stretching yourself beyond your limitations


So you can’t go back and change what you regret and there’s no minimising that

However they the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago

Well they say the second best time is now.

Is there anything you wish you had done with your life but couldn’t start.

Maybe start now.


Any type of conflict between two people can be very difficult to navigate if you have had trauma.

If you are in a loving relationship with someone  and they break connection with you by putting the phone down on you or saying they need space it can feel to the traumatized person literally like the end of the world . You might automatically believe you have lost them forever. The traumatized self doesn’t understand that we can go through processes which come to a resolution and there might be a way forward again

Another issue which is related to the last one is an inability to stay on your side and stick up for yourself. We might have learned very early on in life to be 'good' and do what we are told so that our parents don't withdraw their love from us. We might even have been treated with violence which makes it even more scary to disagree with someone.

We might continue this compliance into adulthood by always agreeing with what the other person says and this can mean that a lot of blame for things that go wrong in the relationship can fall on us.

All of this leads to us being very dependent in relationships. 

However, everytime you say yes but mean no you are abandoning yourself.

 It can be useful to work on finding or building a sense of oneself as an individual and learning what our real wants and likes are so they we can get much more of our needs met and have a more balanced relationships

Having regular conflict in a relationship is natural and can actually bring you closer together and more understanding of each other.

However if the conflict is constant it might be a sign that you are not compatible and might be better off in other relationships


The love and acceptance that you have been seeking all of these years can be found inside of you.

You may have searched outside yourself in relationships, addictions, careers and still felt like something was missing.

Instead of looking externally for completeness, learning to treat yourself with compassion can be life changing.

How the Begin

This process can be started by simply stopping and taking a pause the next time some uncomfortable feelings arise in yourself . Try to make room for them and allow them to simply be there. Do not push them down or override them. Hang out with them. 

First steps

Then see if you can find a little love and compassion towards yourself for what you are experiencing. If you can't manage this then see if you can have some compassion to yourself that you can't have compassion. A little chink is all that is needed to start making the changes.

A New Way

Instead of judging and being hard on yourself (which is probably the least successful way of making positive changes) start asking what is really going on here ?  What is really happening for me? 

This looking at true reality can halt the shaming and self blaming stories running through our minds so that rather than seeing ourselves as wrong, bad and detective we can gain the insight that we might have unheld pain, unmet needs, unheard parts of ourselves that need attention and that are really doing the best that they can with a very often limited set of choices. Often the most self sabotaging patterns that we run today are the ones that actually kept us alive in the past. You survived because of them. 

Meet with love

If we make room for these less conscious parts of ourselves, meet them with love and ask them what they really need we can start to build a connection with our true selves and begin to heal the self alienation and disconnection that most likely got set up in our childhood.

We build bridges with ourselves and can begin to experience self love and acceptance and eventually wholeness.

Past and Present

If you are struggling with personal issues in your daily life like depression. anxiety or addictions, you might have come to the conclusion that there is something intrinsically wrong with you, or that you are less valuable than other people.

I am here to tell you that this is not true.

What you’re going through definitely isn’t about you. It is most likely about your past.

What few of us know at this minute is that our past experiences significantly influence who we are in the present - because a less than optimum upbringing can limit adult potential.

Dont be disheartened by this. It is not a life sentence. 

However, it does mean that the common misconception that a happy life requires forgetting hard experiences and burying them in order to move on just isn’t accurate.

The past persists until it is processed and healed.

Fortunately, there are actions you can take to change your current experience, however painful it may or may not be and to actually blossom into the profound individual that we as a species are evolving into.

Trauma and Sleep

If you’ve had trauma in your lifetime, you might find it difficult to get a good nights sleep.

There might actually be a biological reason for this - your Automatic Nervous system, (ANS)


The ANS manages your survival and stress response, working to keep you alive incase your life is in danger The ANS functions as your built in detection system constantly scanning your environment for cues of safety and cues of danger. 

Three Responses

When the ANS scans the environment it has three general responses or states:

1. Safe - you feel calm relaxed and connected to those around you

2. Mobilised - when the ANS detect danger it sends a command and your heart rate and breathing increase, adrenaline and cortisol are released and blood rushes to your muscles so you can handle the threat. This is a fight or flight response

3. Immobilised - when the ANS detects that the danger is so great that you can’t fight or run it shuts you down. In this state your heart rate and body temperature decrease and pain numbing endorphins are released

The thing to remember is that your ANS does all of this automatically without you thinking about it.

Fluid Functioning

When the ANS functions well it moves fluidly from one state to another. One minute mobilised and ready for action and the next , resting and recovering

The ANS will often blend states together. When we play it combines the mobilised and safe states and when we are intimate with loved ones it combines immobilised and safe states.

Trauma Repercussions

However if you have had trauma in your history, a repercussion of this can be that your ANS can become faulty - constantly signaling danger when you’re safe.

This makes it really hard to switch off properly at night and go into a deep sleep.


Listening to an audiobook on repeat until you drop off is one thing I learned to do.

Meditation can also help as it enables the ANS to switch down a gear. 

Possibly the most effective thing to do  is to directly address the trauma that you went through, difficult as this may be, as this can transform your biology and state of being to one of more peace and happiness.


For several decades now, addicts have been viewed as actually having a disease. However, the very same scientists who once seemed to back up that claim have begun refuting it.

Previous to this, addictions were viewed as failures of character and morals, and the general population responded to addicts with shaming, sternness, and calls for more “will power.”

This proved spectacularly ineffective in stopping the addicts from using their drug of choice.

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Healing from the past is not Rocket Science…!

Recovering from unresolved past experiences is not rocket science. At this very moment you already have within you the natural ability to recover and heal. This mechanism actually works in the same way as the one that your body uses all the time to heal itself from physical wounds. As you reclaim this innate and natural process this enables your psyche to effectively deal with the psychological, emotional and relational wounds stemming from unresolved past experiences. Once these experiences have been dealt with and integrated into the psyche, the accompanying symptoms of physical, emotional and psychological health conditions can begin to simply fall away of their own accord.

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An Introduction to Non Dual Consciousness 

The path to non-dual consciousness does not really exist as you are this consciousness already. However within the world of duality the sense of seeking of the Self has a common series of stages. 

Spirituality And Unresolved Past Issues

One common and significant mistake that people are continuing to make due to the current cultural myths and memes about Spirituality, is to exclude the personal dimension while striving for Awakening.

More than being a mere block to Awakening it can actually be risky to ignore unrepaired past issues

The Cinderella Law

Charity 'Action for Children' have been campaigning for a "Cinderella Law".

In response perhaps, the Government now say that being cruel to a child is a punishable crime and is considering whether to introduce a new offence of ‘emotional cruelty to children'.

For the first time parents who deny their children affection may face prosecution whereas previous to this only physical harm was actually unlawful.


Until recently in the Western world we have tended to compartmentalise the mind, emotions and the body as separate and distinct from each other and it is from this viewpoint that we have developed the current medical model which treats physical disease by considering only the physical body.

This approach has contributed much to the understanding and treatment of disease but it has also limited the evolution of a model in which a person's family and community relationships, together with their emotions and meaning and belief systems, are all wed together as fundamental points of connection between their energetic system, body, emotions, mind and soul.

Your Dimensions of Consciousness - you are so much more then you know!

Most people are conscious that they have a mind and also a body and are able to experience these as different parts that make up the sense of ‘I’. There is also now a growing awareness of a number of other parts - for ease I call these Dimensions of Consciousness - that also make up ‘I’ and form part of being a Whole Human.

What is Intuition?

Intuition involves knowing something when you haven’t known it with your everyday thinking processes. 

You might connect with your Intuition via an unbidden hunch, a gut feeling, or a dream.

Whatever you receive during this time can be used as information to base life choices on.

10 Ways To Facilitate Your Recovery from the Past

  1. Choose your resources as carefully as you can. Pick ones that have been created by people who know what they are talking about. Most people don’t know about what it really means to be Whole – this applies to therapists, life coaches, spiritual teachers and the 12 step movement. Mostly they avoid, or don’t understand, the full implications of unhealed past experiences and therefore, and more importantly, don’t know how to actually make a full recovery. They also don’t know how you can connect directly with your Soul or open into the fullest Spiritual Consciousness – your birthright.


Emotions and Back Pain

A Professor at New York University School of Medicine, Dr John Sarno has repeatedly demonstrated in several studies that back and spine problems contain not only physical elements but emotional elements too and that in addressing both of these together the potential for recovery significantly improves.


The Placebo effect?

Once we have been conditioned to associate a particular treatment — for instance taking a pill — with a certain biological response, we will also then experience that same biological response when we take a similar looking pill.  Your hormone levels and immune system will respond as if the pill was real and this response works regardless of our conscious beliefs.

Imagine then how our psychological conditioning about who we are as a person...


Epigenetics and You
A Mouse Tale
The tale begins with a pregnant mouse in a laboratory in Boston, Massachusetts who, unfortunately for her, was kept on a near-starvation diet when she was close to giving birth. As scientists expected, her babies were born smaller than usual. When they were raised normally, they still later developed diabetes.

What the scientists didn’t expect however is that even though these new generation of mice were raised normally and well fed, when they themselves gave birth, their own young were also born unusually small and with a higher risk of diabetes.

This made no sense, because nothing had changed genetically in this third generation of mice and they hadn't suffered any problems in the womb or after they were born. By current science they should have been perfectly healthy.

In seeking to answer the eternal question of nature versus nurture – do our genes or our environment dictate who we become – this experiment has radically introduced a mysterious third element into the mix: the life experience of previous generations.