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On this page you will find Articles about the different aspects of Evolution including healing from the past, stepping into your Soul's purpose and awakening into Spiritual Enlightenment. 


For several decades now, addicts have been viewed as actually having a disease. However, the very same scientists who once seemed to back up that claim have begun refuting it.

Previous to this, addictions were viewed as failures of character and morals, and the general population responded to addicts with shaming, sternness, and calls for more “will power.”

This proved spectacularly ineffective in stopping the addicts from using their drug of choice.

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Healing from the past is not Rocket Science…!

Recovering from unresolved past experiences is not rocket science. At this very moment you already have within you the natural ability to recover and heal. This mechanism actually works in the same way as the one that your body uses all the time to heal itself from physical wounds. As you reclaim this innate and natural process this enables your psyche to effectively deal with the psychological, emotional and relational wounds stemming from unresolved past experiences. Once these experiences have been dealt with and integrated into the psyche, the accompanying symptoms of physical, emotional and psychological health conditions can begin to simply fall away of their own accord.

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An Introduction to Non Dual Consciousness 

The path to non-dual consciousness does not really exist as you are this consciousness already. However within the world of duality the sense of seeking of the Self has a common series of stages. 

Spirituality And Unresolved Past Issues

One common and significant mistake that people are continuing to make due to the current cultural myths and memes about Spirituality, is to exclude the personal dimension while striving for Awakening.

More than being a mere block to Awakening it can actually be risky to ignore unrepaired past issues

The Cinderella Law

Charity 'Action for Children' have been campaigning for a "Cinderella Law".

In response perhaps, the Government now say that being cruel to a child is a punishable crime and is considering whether to introduce a new offence of ‘emotional cruelty to children'.

For the first time parents who deny their children affection may face prosecution whereas previous to this only physical harm was actually unlawful.


Until recently in the Western world we have tended to compartmentalise the mind, emotions and the body as separate and distinct from each other and it is from this viewpoint that we have developed the current medical model which treats physical disease by considering only the physical body.

This approach has contributed much to the understanding and treatment of disease but it has also limited the evolution of a model in which a person's family and community relationships, together with their emotions and meaning and belief systems, are all wed together as fundamental points of connection between their energetic system, body, emotions, mind and soul.

Your Dimensions of Consciousness - you are so much more then you know!

Most people are conscious that they have a mind and also a body and are able to experience these as different parts that make up the sense of ‘I’. There is also now a growing awareness of a number of other parts - for ease I call these Dimensions of Consciousness - that also make up ‘I’ and form part of being a Whole Human.

What is Intuition?

Intuition involves knowing something when you haven’t known it with your everyday thinking processes. 

You might connect with your Intuition via an unbidden hunch, a gut feeling, or a dream.

Whatever you receive during this time can be used as information to base life choices on.

10 Ways To Facilitate Your Recovery from the Past

  1. Choose your resources as carefully as you can. Pick ones that have been created by people who know what they are talking about. Most people don’t know about what it really means to be Whole – this applies to therapists, life coaches, spiritual teachers and the 12 step movement. Mostly they avoid, or don’t understand, the full implications of unhealed past experiences and therefore, and more importantly, don’t know how to actually make a full recovery. They also don’t know how you can connect directly with your Soul or open into the fullest Spiritual Consciousness – your birthright.


Emotions and Back Pain

A Professor at New York University School of Medicine, Dr John Sarno has repeatedly demonstrated in several studies that back and spine problems contain not only physical elements but emotional elements too and that in addressing both of these together the potential for recovery significantly improves.


The Placebo effect?

Once we have been conditioned to associate a particular treatment — for instance taking a pill — with a certain biological response, we will also then experience that same biological response when we take a similar looking pill.  Your hormone levels and immune system will respond as if the pill was real and this response works regardless of our conscious beliefs.

Imagine then how our psychological conditioning about who we are as a person...


Epigenetics and You

A Mouse Tale

The tale begins with a pregnant mouse in a laboratory in Boston, Massachusetts who, unfortunately for her, was kept on a near-starvation diet when she was close to giving birth. As scientists expected, her babies were born smaller than usual. When they were raised normally, they still later developed diabetes.

What the scientists didn’t expect however is that even though these new generation of mice were raised normally and well fed, when they themselves gave birth, their own young were also born unusually small and with a higher risk of diabetes.

This made no sense, because nothing had changed genetically in this third generation of mice and they hadn't suffered any problems in the womb or after they were born. By current science they should have been perfectly healthy.

In seeking to answer the eternal question of nature versus nurture – do our genes or our environment dictate who we become – this experiment has radically introduced a mysterious third element into the mix: the life experience of previous generations.