Satsang and Soul

It is possible to be free from addiction

Many people are spending their lives in 12 step recovery. In these fellowships addicts are led to believe that handing their life over to a higher power will allow them to stay clean one day at a time for the rest of their life. What isn’t understood is that you don’t have to stay clean one day at a time forever, you can be free from addiction permanently. I mean really free.

The 12 step fellowships don’t recognise the fact that addictions stem from childhood wounds and so they can’t steer people in the right direction to heal from these wounds. When you use the right tools to work on past issues the addictions begin to leave of their own accord. It is seen that the addiction was merely a symptom of something much deeper running. 

The right tools involve going back and working with your past as if it were happening to you now and saying all the things you could not say at that time. It involves getting in touch with the truth about what it was like for you as a child, without writing in happy endings for yourself or trying to forgive. It just demands letting yourself know the truth. And this truth can sometimes be that you were helpless and there was nothing you could do. That needs to be acknowledged.

With this deep work comes organic and lasting change as the addictions simply drop away of their own accord. It becomes possible to enjoy alcohol, food and work without bingeing on them.