Satsang and Soul

10 Ways To Facilitate Your Recovery From The Past

  1. Choose your resources as carefully as you can. Pick ones that have been created by people who know what they are talking about. Most people don’t know about what it really means to be  Whole  – this applies to therapists, life coaches, spiritual teachers and the 12 step movement. Mostly they avoid, or don’t understand, the full implications of unhealed past experiences and therefore, and more importantly, don’t know how to actually make a full recovery. They also don’t know how you can connect directly with your Soul or open into the fullest Spiritual Consciousness – your birthright.
  2. Use as wide a range of selected resources as possible including books, audio books, articles, exercises and music. Each has something different to offer. Take the bits that you want out of your resources – even if you find that not everything applies to you, you can still use the parts that do.
  3. When using resources, focus inside and keep asking yourself ‘Does this apply to me and if so how?’ then pursue this. If you think that it doesn’t apply to you then this might be the case, or else it could be that you have simply come to one of your growing edges and now have a chance to expand your awareness.
  4. Growth means change - allow yourself to be changed by what you learn – otherwise you will have given your intellect some exercise but ultimately changed nothing. Change can be especially hard when we have lost, or never had a chance to grow, our own internal compass and so it requires courage and the willingness to trust our self.
  5. Begin to do things differently. Sometimes you will also need to ‘do the thing you cannot do’ when caught up in old patterns, as the new will seem strange or even ‘wrong’. Doing this will almost certainly engender a backlash of many strong feelings, which is a normal reaction when ingrained, previously life-saving, strategies are challenged.
  6. Being around people who support your growth is important – this will help you to move past any blocks and open into your new life. As you grow there will be people who grow with you and those that don’t. This might mean that you have to exclude family members and other people from your circle. This will also mean learning to tolerate feelings of loneliness and grief at being more on your own.
  7. The speed and depth of your Journey is for the most part, up to you. Of course there are practical issues and life happenings that impact on this, but the more you can give yourself the tools and knowledge about your own process, the better a picture you will have about what is actually going on and also have some sense that there is a light at the end of the tunnel even if all seems dark at the time.
  8. Add in plenty of ‘down time’ and do lots of things that you like.
  9. Gradually improve your self-care and make sure that enough sleep is a priority.
  10. When faced with a choice, orientate towards your own growth.