Satsang and Soul

Hello and welcome to this website,

Although these are difficult times, on our planet today we have the opportunity to move into new territory beyond the struggle and strife we have known for so long and into a world of peace and happiness. That's not to say that we are not at crisis point, but this could also be a turning point.

Actually, each of us already has deep Soul impulses to take the steps we need to take in order to create this for ourselves, others and the planet.

Yet how can we connect with these impulses when surfacing unaddressed issues from our past take centre stage or we are distracted by addictions to substances, activities and other people?

When we work with what it is that is standing in our way, by repairing what happened to us in our pasts, we find ourselves gradually becoming more whole.

We can finally begin to land inside our own skin and become more available and able to tune in to what it is that life requires of us.

Not only do we move past our blocks but once the contractions resulting from past issues are taken out of the equation, the illusion of separation can more easily fade so that we can step into Spiritual Enlightenment, where it is seen that who we truly are is the Source of All.

It is from this base of conscious personal Evolution and Transcendence that we quite naturally find ourselves beginning to consciously contribute to and co-create with the global Evolution of the Human Race. 

Everything lies within...!